Established in 1986 and run as a family business our philosophy is rooted in nurturing a large family like atmosphere. Our Founder Joan Rawlinson initially welcomed residents to share our family home so her children and todays Partnership Brad Rawlinson and Meredith Knight were brought up with great understanding and appreciation of individuals’ needs and mental health conditions. Growing up in this family type unit we learnt to respect each other, have fun, compromise fairly and appreciate individuality, a healthy model for most families and the foundation of our values today.

Bradmere Residential Care Home accommodates 16 residents, Merrymeet Residential Care Home accommodates 19 residents. The placements are available to all adults over the age of 18 with a mental health condition.

Our aim is to meet our residents’ needs, we will help residents to recognise and achieve their personal targets with a positive focus on health, strengths and wellness.

We respect and celebrate individuality. We provide a flexible, person-centred service that is personalised to the individual.

We aim is to assist those residents’ who are capable of rehabilitation to gain the social and practical skills necessary for an independent lifestyle. Both Bradmere & Merrymeet have been very successful in rehabilitating clients’ who have moved on to supported accommodation and/or independent living.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission. We work in partnership with the Care Quality Commission, Social Services, our residents and their family/advocates, our employees and stakeholders (EG; nurses, Psychiatrists, G.P.’s, etc) in reviewing and developing our service to meet the changing needs of our residents. We aim to be available, open, friendly, proactive and effective in our working partnerships.

Residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms because we wish to promote the feeling of security, comfort and homeliness.

We will assist residents to integrate and lead a satisfying and meaningful lifestyle within the community. We will signpost and support residents to access community links and services.

We aim to provide safety, wellbeing, warmth, socialisation, privacy and security to our residents. We present to residents’ their home in which we work for and with them.