Check out our exciting new plans to extend Merrymeet and develop our service.

Welcome to Bradmere & Merrymeet Residential Care Homes

Based in Salford, Greater Manchester. Providing care, support and recovery for adults with a mental health condition.

What's New?

We're excited to announce that plans are underway to extend Merrymeet. Providing additional residencies and improving facilities for new and existing residents.

About Us

Introducing Bradmere & Merrymeet Residential Care Homes

Established in 1986, based in Salford, Greater Manchester and Registered with the Care Quality Commission; Bradmere Residential Care Home offers 16 placements for adults with a mental health condition, Merrymeet Residential Care Home offers 19 placements. 

An Holistic Approach to Meeting Needs

We believe in the whole person approach when planning recovery. 

Physical, educational, social, ethical and emotional needs are all interconnected and considered when care and support planning.

Partnership Working With Our Residents

Our service is person-centred, flexible and adapted to an individual. We work with a resident to inspire and identify their strengths, targets and recovery model.